Friday, June 9, 2017


I just LOVE how my guest bathroom turned out. We weren't planning to do this but when my husband asked me to repaint the baseboards I thought why not just replace them? Then it turned into a complete makeover.....
The paint color I used is Sherwin Williams 6169
Sedate Gray 

The floating shelves were pretty easy to create, I used the tutorial from this link....

All of my accessories came from Hobby Lobby. I used Rustoleum White satin finish Spray paint for the cabinet doors. For the base cabinet, I had Home Depot color match the spray paint color.

I built the ladder using 2x2's for the vertical pieces, and 1x2's for the horizontal pieces. I used Minwax Dark Walnut stain color and I sealed it with Minwax water base clear sealer.

The Shower Curtain came from Home Goods.

This is my second makeover in 10 years. My first one was in the French Country style. After watching a few years of Fixer Upper I began to shift my French Country style to the clean look of the Farmhouse style.
My project buddy Gracie was a big help in my first makeover as you can see....

She's just too darn cute not to include her in this post....

I made this great shutter shelf at The Little Blue House in Keller Texas. Miss Tracy along with her great staff teach the best workshops. You can find out more about what they offer on their website link below.

Well, I guess this is the end......

Thanks for stopping by I hope you find something inspirational for your project.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Installing a cat door

You don't have to remove your door in order to install a cat door.
I love to get things done and sometimes that requires a few short cuts. So one day I decided to give this project a try without removing the door first.

I used my handy black and decker tool to cut out the hole for the cat door.

Once the hole was cut out, I sanded the edges down using a medium grit sand paper.

This video shows how easy it was.....

I hope this will inspire you to tackle projects you may not have considered.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Custom Hamper Project

September is here where did the summer go!

This post is to show off my new hamper my sister-in-law Deanna taught me how to build.


This is how we did it.....

We started out with 2 cabinet doors we found at the Flea Market in Canton, TX. These 2 doors were attached together using metal flat brackets and wood glue.

Then we attached a 1x1 block wood strip to the bottom of the doors in order to attach the bottom that will hold the hamper. This design creates a tilt-out door when it is complete.

Using wood glue we attached the 1 x 4's to the doors then screwed the 1 x 1 board to the door and the 1 x 4's

 We attached 3 more strips of the 1 x 1 to the bottom of the 1 x 4's.

For added support, we added 2 more 1x4's to the sides of the bottom along with 1 x 1 wood blocks.

To create the base for the hamper, we used MDF boards for the sides, then a peg board for the back to allow for air to flow.

Attaching all 3 sides on the bottom with the same 1 x 1 block. We added a 1 x 2 to the bottom front for a finished edge as well as to the top to create a surface for the top to attach to.

The picture below shows how the hamper basket fits in the cabinet with the front door unattached to the bottom. 

But this picture shows how it really works. The door tilts out and the hamper basket tilts with it.

To make the top we glued together 2 boards wide enough to have at least a 2" overhang in the front and 1" overhang in the back.
We attached more 1 x 1's for the top to be secured to the inside of the base cabinet.

The final touch, I added an antique spoon for a handle.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Laundry Room Makeover

I am so pleased to finally reveal my Laundry Room Project....
My Resources are listed at the bottom of this post.

I started off by tearing out all of the shelves using a hammer and crow bar so I can get a clean slate.

 My design process varies. 
I can start with a paint color, a swatch of fabric, an inspiration room or a decor item. In this case I had a picture from pinterest from 

which originally came from

I love everything about this room. I seriously tried to duplicate this but my ceiling was much higher and it didn't look right when I hung my curtain all the way to the top. So I studied the photo to get an idea of how to duplicate the feel of the room.
I knew I wanted a curtain, shelves and space in the center for decorative items. So I started there.

My process continued in this order.....
1. I Painted the walls
2. I bought and hung white shelving and metal brackets 
3. I shopped for fabric which I found a shower curtain that I cut and hemmed to fit the space. I installed the curtains using a tension rod that was thin enough to hide along the edge of the white shelf.

4. Then I started decorating. The walls looked really bare once the shelves where hung up so I decided to add an architectural element to the space by using old ceiling tins. I spray painted them silver but that didn't look right so I repainted them off white and distressed them a little.... 

5. I hung up an old window that was given to me by my cousin who also gave me the barn door that I built my porch hutch out of. The window size was perfect for the right wall but it looked really plain when I hung it up so I decided to add a cotton field picture to the back of it. The print was a little too narrow for the window so I cut it down to fit in each square then taped them in using duct tape.

6. I attached a metal hook to the bottom of the window for hanging wet clothes on. I spray painted it yellow to make it stand out. Then I added the metal letters on top of the window that I also spray painted yellow.

7. I already had the metal bucket with the flowers and the attached graphic on it in my entry so I just moved it to the top shelf. 

8. I continued looking around for things in my attic and my garage that I had collected from yard sales and estate sales over the years that I could use as decorations for the top shelf.

9. I found the washboard, wood cutting board, cross, metal bird and the "color outside the lines" sign. I just started setting things on the shelf until it looked right. I could see that I didn't have anything yellow on the shelf so I painted the wood cutting board, glued the metal cross to the center and attached an old metal face plate to the top. I used a coupon to purchase the "Laundry" sign and I made the hydrangea arrangement. I used a mason jar dispenser to store my fabric softener in.

The clock on the right side I found for $3.00 at a garage sale!!

I have to say I really enjoy how it turned out. This space makes me smile every time I see it.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my Laundry Room Project.
Stay tuned for another room reveal coming soon....

My Resources

Paint Color: Valspar - Carolina Inn Club Aqua
White shelves and metal brackets: Lowes
Curtains: World Market 
Antique Tiles: Old Home Supply in downtown Fort Worth
Cotton field photo: 
Metal hook: Lowes 
WASH letters: Hobby Lobby 
Metal bucket graphic:
LAUNDRY sign: World Market
Hydrangea arrangement: flowers and container from Michael's
Mason Jar dispenser: Walmart
Rug: Burke's Outlet