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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Custom Hamper Project

September is here where did the summer go!

This post is to show off my new hamper my sister-in-law Deanna taught me how to build.


This is how we did it.....

We started out with 2 cabinet doors we found at the Flea Market in Canton, TX. These 2 doors were attached together using metal flat brackets and wood glue.

Then we attached a 1x1 block wood strip to the bottom of the doors in order to attach the bottom that will hold the hamper. This design creates a tilt-out door when it is complete.

Using wood glue we attached the 1 x 4's to the doors then screwed the 1 x 1 board to the door and the 1 x 4's

 We attached 3 more strips of the 1 x 1 to the bottom of the 1 x 4's.

For added support, we added 2 more 1x4's to the sides of the bottom along with 1 x 1 wood blocks.

To create the base for the hamper, we used MDF boards for the sides, then a peg board for the back to allow for air to flow.

Attaching all 3 sides on the bottom with the same 1 x 1 block. We added a 1 x 2 to the bottom front for a finished edge as well as to the top to create a surface for the top to attach to.

The picture below shows how the hamper basket fits in the cabinet with the front door unattached to the bottom. 

But this picture shows how it really works. The door tilts out and the hamper basket tilts with it.

To make the top we glued together 2 boards wide enough to have at least a 2" overhang in the front and 1" overhang in the back.
We attached more 1 x 1's for the top to be secured to the inside of the base cabinet.

The final touch, I added an antique spoon for a handle.

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