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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday Grandma......

I interrupt Don and Toni's Story to celebrate my Grandma's Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma. She went to be with the Lord a few years ago. This is a picture of her at her best...doing what she loved...fishing. My grandma LOVED the outdoors. She was quite a women.

This is a frame I made from a small canvas, using scrapbook paper, lace, and a color copy of a butterfly (Thank you Lisa!) With a little help from my friend Lisa her picture came to life. I proudly hang her picture where all of my treasured items are...In my master bathroom. 

My Grandma grew up during the depression. She was a tough women. I loved growing up being around her and her brothers and sisters who all lived in the same town. I would sit around the kitchen table and listen to her talk with them telling stories about their lives growing up. She supposedly got into bar fights and was called in by her brother, Uncle Bobby to lend him a hand when he got into trouble. As a kid I loved telling my friends "my grandma has tattoos". 

She would tell me "see what they will look like when you get old". That must have stuck with me because between that and not liking the idea of ink on my skin I never got a tattoo. 

She had the biggest heart of anyone I knew, other than my mom. I watched her live the Christian life that made a real impact on me. She always was there for family and friends, regardless of any type of trouble they may be in.

As a child I remember going into the local convenience store where a young man sat on the ground outside. When we came out she handed him a loaf of bread and some other food items. I remember that really making an impression on me as a kid, that she really cared about people in a tangible way and I wanted to be that way.

When I was in elementary school we had a fundraiser event, she came to watch us kids who weren't involved with the events. It was my favorite memory of school. We all skated on the outdoor basketball court while my grandma watched us. She interacted with all of us kids and pretty soon they all were calling her grandma...

As a teenager I never felt judged by her, she made her opinion known but she loved us unconditionally. One night on her way to church she picked up a few of my Aunt's (we are 6 months apart) friends who were riding their bikes along the way. They pile into her car, bikes and all while sporting their Megadeath and Metallica T-Shirts. She loved us all very well....

She was a very hard worker, working in cotton fields growing up, moving across the country looking for work. My mom told me that my grandma hitchhiked with her from La. to Michigan looking for work. I just can't imagine what that must have been like. 

She was extremely creative too. She made my mom's clothes changing up the patterns to make something different than the norm. She poured, painted, and glazed ceramics. She was very involved with the local Senior Citizen Center. I loved going there with her. They all had the best stories.... 

There just isn't anything like growing up with really good grandparents. Both my grandma and grandpa were there for me growing up. They played cards and games with us teenagers. They drove us to football games and dances. My life wouldn't have been the same if they weren't in it.

I could go on and on about my grandma.... She is truly missed. 
Thank you Grandma for being my grandma.....I love you dearly


  1. Oh I can't wait for Part Two of Don and Toni's story!
    Our Grandmas were cut from the same pattern!
    Love these posts!

  2. Thanks so much, I don't know what we would do without women like them!


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