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Monday, April 28, 2014

End Table Makeover using Chalk Paint and Bible Pages

  End Table Makeover

I started out with a solid wood coffee table that had a really bad top. I knew I needed to come up with some way to cover the warped places, I didn't think paint would do the trick, so I came up with the idea to decoupage the top.

I ran across a few old Bibles at an Estate Sale recently so I decided to put them to use.

1) I sanded the whole top with an electric sander using fine sand paper to smooth out as much of the rough spots as I could.

2) Then after cleaning off the dust I applied my home made chalk paint using 2 coats, I sanded in between each coat. (My recipe for Chalk Paint is at the end) 
3) I distressed the base and the legs using a medium grit sandpaper.

4) I applied a glaze/wax over the base. I did not apply this to the top where the pages will be applied. I used a 2-in-1 method by mixing the furniture wax with craft paint. I applied it with an old T-Shirt by dipping the rag in the mixture and rubbing it onto the surface. Be sure to rub off any excess before allowing it to dry. (Recipe for this is at the end)

5) Now I am ready to apply the Bible Pages. I decided to use the book of John and a few pages from Acts because I wanted to represent Love in this project.

6) To apply the pages, first apply a thin coat of Mod Podge Matte finish where you will place the first sheet, then lay the sheet down and brush more Mod Podge on the top of the sheet, brushing from center out to brush the air pockets out.

7) Continue by randomly placing pages in various directions to create a pleasing pattern. I started in the center and moved toward the edges of the table wrapping the pages over the edge.

8) Let this dry overnight then apply Polyurethane. I used a water base option. I applied 3 layers to this piece. It only takes about 20 min to dry before applying the next coat. Be sure to rinse out your brush between coats so it doesn't dry on your brush, I've lost many brushes thinking I can just leave it covered.

   I decided the sides needed a little something so I looked around in my pile of "treasures" and found these 4 hinges. They were perfect for this project.

Gracie My helper gives it 2 paws up!

Chalk Paint Recipe:

1-1/2 cups of Paint, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup of Plaster of Paris. Mix the water and the Plaster of Paris together then add the Paint. I tried many different recipes for Chalk Paint and I like this option the best.

Stain/Wax Recipe:

I mixed about 1/2 cup of Johnson's Paste Wax with craft paint from Hobby Lobby. I used about 3 tablespoons of craft paint. Just mix enough paint to the wax in order to achieve your desired color.


  1. Just decoupaged my kichen table with old bible pages, everyone love's it. Great blog

  2. Just decoupaged my kichen table with old bible pages, everyone love's it. Great blog

  3. Hi! Love the table. Fabulous! What weight of paper are the bible pages you have used? Are they the traditional super thin pages? Thanks!


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