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Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Make Decorative Bows For Fall Door Decor

My First successful bow!!

I'm so excited to share this with you. I have tried for many years to make nice bows but they never turned out looking anything like I wanted. You know the feeling....it's in your head you can see it, you follow the directions other people give you but either you don't understand or your hands just won't do what they instructions are telling you to do...well I decided this fall I was going to learn this once and for all. I researched like crazy on pinterest and youtube trying to find that simple helpful instructions and I found it. All the other sites I looked at gave instructions but they all seemed too complicated for me. But when I watched the video below it all cliked and this was my result.

I started with a "swag" for lack of a better word, it is made up of fall leaves and a few large acorns and a pine cone. I made a series of 3 bows using different ribbon.
 The first was the large burlap type ribbon. 
The second was the chocolate brown loose weave ribbon.
Then the third was the plaid ribbon.

I made the brown and plaid bows just like the video shows. Then the burlap ribbon I made a large loop then crimped in the middle then attached a long piece in the center to make the "tail". Basically i took a long piece of the burlap ribbon folder it in half then attached the center of it to the middle of the bow with twine. I tried to make a traditional bow but it was too thick to tie and it didn't work out for me.
Then I tied it all together using twine then I hot glued it all to make it more secure. Finally I hot glued a white pumpkin in the center right under the bow.
All of these items except for the pumpkin came for a floral place in Canton, Tx. during the Monday trade days. The pumpkin came from Hobby Lobby

You can hang this on your front door or on the back of a dining chair to add a nice touch for a dinner party.

Now go out a make some bows!!

Happy Fall y'all

(I've come to like that phrase!)

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