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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Re-purposed wood CD holder--Hydrangea Floral Arrangement

I LOVE hydrangeas.

 I am always trying to make low cost arrangements with them. As I'm out at garage sales or estate sales I look for things I can use for containers. I found this CD holder in raw wood. So I bought it and left it in the garage thinking I'll do something with this one day....

And that day finally came!!

These are the steps I took

1) Stain or paint your wood CD holder. Allow stain to dry for a few days if its humid. I used Minwax Dark Walnut 2716. I did not seal it or wax it afterwards. I lightly sanded the wood before I stained it to make sure it was smooth.

2) Take a large piece of burlap, I used a burlap sack cut in half, then stuffed it inside the CD holder. It doesn't matter how much fabric you overhang, I left a lot of overhang so I could cut it off in a way I wanted it to look.

3) Stuff Floral Foam inside. It took almost 3 pieces to fill my container. I used a serrated knife to cut the last piece of foam. I found this type of knife to cut foam the best.

4) After stuffing the floral foam tightly inside the container I cut up 2 bushes of Hydrangeas from Hobby Lobby and placed the flowers into the foam. I started out placing one on each end, then placed one on the left and right side of the first one working my way up to the other end. I decided to add in 2 green hydrangeas after filling it up with the white ones. I just added them in-between the white ones. 

5) Cut the excess burlap in a wavy pattern curving left to right all around the perimeter. Then I glued a metal handle in the center using this great new glue I just discovered called collall. I purchased mine on ebay. I'm very impressed with this glue. I used it to glue a metal handle to a pillow and it is holding strong.

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