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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wash tub Herb Garden

Garage Sale Find Wash Tub
 turned into an Herb Garden

This is my first attempt to grow an herb garden outside. Years ago I tried to grow an herb in my kitchen and the pot filled with ants so I hung up my green thumb for a while, hopefully this time will be more successful. 
I lined each bottom with trash bags after poking holes in them. I added 3 empty gallon water containers to the bottom of each bin. I then added organic garden soil and planted my herbs. I put 4 per bin after reading up on the amount of space they will need.

I first planned to put this in my back yard but Russ (my husband) thought it needed to be seen more. After much thought I decided to go for it. I had to remove 2 large boxwoods from this space in my flower bed which was quite a big job. Thanks to my chainsaw and a lot of elbow grease out they came....

I've been collecting metal tubs and water cans but haven't know just what to do with them. After placing the wash tub here I had a great space for the large bin to fill with flowers. I love geraniums they add the right texture and color to this hard metal background.
I still want to add a few other things to the space, maybe a sign to the front of the wash tub and a growing vine to the brick wall behind it. 
Once you start decorating even outside there is always room for more. Keep layering until it feels just right for your space. Yards and porches are no different.

My next post will be of my front porch....

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