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Monday, May 2, 2016

Antique Alley and Magnolia Market trip

In April my sister-in-law and fellow project buddy came to Texas for a visit. We took her to Antique Alley for some much needed, well junk...
 If you have never been I highly recommend going. It's a LOOOONG garage sale along Hwy 4 outside of Cleburne, TX. Numerous dealers pile up in various fields along the road.

Click on the link for more details.

This is me styling in my rain boats, they are the BEST shoes ever if you are going to do a lot of walking. I can't say that enough. My feet weren't even sore after walking ALL DAY....

This is Russ enjoying his seat in the back listening to his favorite tunes. He enjoys going junk'in with me but his purpose is to find a gem he can sell on ebay which he usually does.... 

Here is Deanna waiting for me to catch up....I don't know where she gets her energy, she can outlast me any day....

I  found a few great things. It looks like they are kitty approved...

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my treasures yet but that just means another project for the future.

After spending the day here we spent the night in Waco to visit Magnolia Market the next day.

I was very excited to see their new Garden center. It's wasn't open yet but the yard sure looked complete.

They have Goats there too!!!

What a great weekend. After getting back home Deanna helped me do many projects at home. We re-stained my coffee table, replaced the front door hardware, repaired a crack in my walls and ceiling, cleaned on my attic and garage, and gave my front porch hutch a makeover. Those were just my projects, on top of all that she made a sign and decoupaged a case she bought at Antique Alley.

Wow I'm tired just typing all of that....

Thanks Again Deanna! I couldn't have done it all without you.

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